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Image by Anderson Rian

About Us

Luna jars apothecary was born under the Pisces Full Moon in 2020. I grew up in a Dominican spiritual home.  New Age spirituality was different then what I knew but I remember being attracted crystals from a young age. I can still remember the first time I held an amethyst! It was the first crystal I owned. I've been fascinated and researching  ever since then, almost 25 years ago. 

When talking to loved ones and people in general I often hear how difficult it is to get into New Age spirituality because there's too much information out there. That's how Luna Jar spell boxes were born! An easy and fun way to get started in the Magick world! Perfect addition to your full and new moon rituals.

As we expanded I found myself very interested in the power of herbs. Then I created the Luna Jar herbs, a line of smokable herbs with medicinal and Magickal properties. 

Now we are launching our skin care line with all-natural ingredients that are good for your skin. Stay tuned. Because there's more to come.

We are always creating new and exciting products. I recommend snagging a Mystery Box for a chance to try out new products.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Tik Tok @luna.jars for tips, updates, and community. Stay blessed and never stress! Trust in Divine Timing ✨

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