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Autumn Harvest Spice Pumpkin Wax Melts

Autumn Harvest Spice Pumpkin Wax Melts


Immerse your space in the captivating essence of the season with our Autumn Harvest Spice Pumpkin Wax Melts. Crafted in charming pumpkin shapes, these wax melts are a celebration of fall’s finest aromas. As you melt them, you’ll experience the exquisite layers of fragrance.

The top note of rich butter sets the stage, while the heart reveals a harmonious blend of cinnamon and apple, reminiscent of freshly baked treats. Finally, the base notes of vanilla and maple syrup wrap you in a comforting embrace, evoking memories of cozy gatherings and crisp autumn days.

Elevate your ambiance and indulge your senses with these wax melts, transforming any space into a haven of autumnal warmth and delight.

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