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Luna Jars Love Bag

Luna Jars Love Bag


Luna Jar Love Spell Bag brings everything you need to manifest and attract unconditional love in your life.

This bag is curated to attract love in general. If you are looking for a partner or want to find love again in your relationship this Luna Jar Spell Bag is what you need!

If you've been neglecting yourself and need to love yourself this is definitely for you! After all, you gotta love yourself before you love anyone else!

You will receive two stones to aid you, Rose Quartz and Strawberry Quartz. As well as a mix of herbs to assist. They have been infused with lavender essential oils to protect your spell and welcome in the unconditional love you've been waiting for.

There is enough materials to make a spell jar for your altar and one on the go, by reusing the jar the crystals come in. The box brings detailed instructions.

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