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Green French clay and Aloe Vera Face soap

French Green Clay & Rosemary


LJ's French Clay N Aloe Face Cleanser is for anyone and everyone. Loaded with natural minerals from the coast of France, it's a gentle, hydrating cleanser that will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.


French Green Clay is considered by many as a healing clay widely used for its skin healing properties. The French clay in this cleanser deeply cleanses your skin while still leaving it feeling hydrated.


Aloe Vera gently cleanses while also replenishing moisture to keep your complexion bright and healthy.


Why you'll love it:

-It's a gentle cleanser that helps you cleanse your skin without stripping away essential moisture or leaving behind any residue.

-It has a luxurious feel and texture, and is wonderfully gentle on the skin.

-It's also safe for sensitive skin and will not irritate or cause breakouts.


Use twice a day.

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